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1-on-1 Activities for Seniors

For seniors living at home or in a community setting 
Tech Help

1-on-1 Tech Help

Technology help for seniors
$75   per hour
1st Session Rate: $50 per hour
*1-hour minimum required

In this rapidly evolving digital world, seniors are increasingly adopting the use of computer technology. However, due to physical challenges, skeptical attitudes or difficulty of use, many do not feel comfortable learning the technology on their own.*


Let us guide and assist you with any of your technological needs, including but not limited to: 

  • Smartphone or cellphone set-up and use            

    • iPhone/Android

    • Phone camera​/FaceTime 

    • Texting

    • App use 

  • Reading tablet set-up and use

    • Enlarging text

    • Purchasing & downloading books/magazines

  • SmartTV use

    • Netflix​

    • On Demand

    • DVR

  • Smart home device set-up and use​

    • Amazon Echo ​

    • Google Home

  • Personal desktop or laptop computer use 

    • Windows or Mac OS

    • WiFi set-up & Internet use

    • Email ​

    • Facebook

    • Skype

  • New printer set-up and use ​

*Pew Research Center, April 2014, “Older Adults and Technology Use”

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