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Best Technology for Seniors - 2020

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Often during my 1-on-1 tech help sessions with senior clients, I am asked for recommendations on new equipment or upgraded models of their existing equipment. It can be extremely confusing and exhausting to search through the endless amount of options available for electronics. I often find that, without guidance, my senior clients purchase equipment that is not best suited for their needs. So, to make the process easier, I've created the below list of most commonly needed or requested electronics for seniors.

This is not a list of gadgets for seniors or products that were made specifically for the elderly, but rather a list of electronics for anyone looking to modernize their home office or living space but doesn't have the technical knowledge to compare different models and specifications.

Click on the product name to be directed to the product listing page for purchase and delivery.

Computers and Related Devices

Computer Storage and Cables

Smart Home Devices

The most common questions I receive regarding the smart home device craze are 1) what's the difference between all of the devices? and 2) why do I need more than one? Below I've noted the major differences between the three main types of Amazon smart home products. As for the need for more than one, some people don't realize that these devices have to be plugged into an outlet and connected to a Wifi network in order to operate. So people often purchase more than one if they would like a device in more than one room of their house. Sure, you could just unplug it and move it to another room, however, this isn't the most convenient thing to do and it takes times to boot up every time it is unplugged and plugged back into the power outlet.

  • Amazon Echo - smart speaker (larger, better sound quality)

  • Amazon Echo Dot - smart speaker (lighter and more compact)

  • Amazon Echo Show - touchscreen with camera (great for video chatting with family and friends, i.e. you can see them on the screen)

Television Streaming Devices

Some of my clients have non-smart TVs that are still in perfectly fine working condition but they would like to start a streaming service or two, e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime. The easiest option would be to purchase a new smart TV with built-in streaming apps (contact us for new TV recommendations) but if you'd rather keep your TV, these are the two best senior-friendly options for external streaming devices:

*Note: Not all non-smart TVs are compatible with external streaming devices. The older the model year, the less likely that it will be compatible. We can assess your TV model and advise on whether you can use a streaming device or would have to upgrade your TV.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you would like a recommendation on an electronic product not listed above.

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