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Resources for Family Members & Caregivers

"Dementia 101: Understanding the disease &

how to care for those affected"

Dementia resources, dementia 101, alzheimer's 101

A presentation for family members and caregivers who are caring for someone that has been diagnosed with dementia. 

Points of discussion include:  

  • Basic brain anatomy

  • A healthy brain vs a dementia brain

  • Dementia vs Alzheimer's 

  • Symptoms of dementia and how to recognize and approach each one

  • Stages of Alzheimer's

  • The golden rules of caregiving

  • Tips on how to approach doctor's visits

  • What to do after a dementia diagnosis

  • Advanced Directives

  • "Facts & Figures: Alzheimer's by the Numbers" 

*Presentation can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Duration: 2 hours+
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