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Stephanie's warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and intelligence was reflected in all her activities with the seniors where my mother was a resident. She respected, encouraged and openly welcomed the opinions, ideas, and responses of all who attended her groups. Each activity was well thought out and provided creative, intellectual and/or just plain fun experiences for the attendees. She was, in no uncertain terms, my mother's favorite!! 

One of the activities I attended with my mother, was a poetry group. Stephanie chose works by a particular poet that evoked thoughtfulness, reflection, and meaning. She asked stimulating questions that immediately engaged all who were in the group and each participant was made to feel respected, listened to and welcomed by her.

Stephanie was well-liked at the assisted living community where my mother was. She was a favorite of the residents, they looked forward to her groups, loved it when she was there. Many times I heard residents say how hard she worked and how lucky they felt to have her there!

-Diane Spiwak, Daughter of Assisted Living Resident

Stephanie truly elevated our programs and the overall quality of life for every resident she served. She is professional, consistent, reliable, focused, intuitive, adaptable, compassionate, creative, talented and a complete pleasure to work with. Any organization would be lucky to have her as part of their team!!

-Gary Dalton Jr., former Memory Programs Coordinator at Assisted Living Community

My mother has dementia so it was extremely helpful knowing how this disease progresses and knowing how to deal with the effects and behaviors she'll be going through. [Stephanie] was very knowledgeable and answered every question we had clearly . [The presentation] was detailed and easy to understand. I walked out with a great deal of knowledge on how to care for my mom.

-Carlos Flores, "Dementia 101" presentation attendee

Stephanie has a kind and gentle approach. [She] is smart and well-versed in a variety of topics. Not only that, Stephanie knows how to adapt anything she is doing for a variety of cognitive abilities.

-Cydney Kaplan, RTC, Founder & Owner of Independent Living Concierge

It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Stephanie Moran. Stephanie’s education in Cognitive Science and Gerontology along with her experience working with seniors one-on-one and in a group, both in assisted living communities and at adult day centers give her an excellent foundation for creating stimulating activities for seniors and informative seminars for family members. Stephanie is smart, trustworthy and approachable. She takes her work seriously and gains the respect of everyone she comes in contact with. She values and respects seniors, and creates a safe and comfortable environment that enables them to reach their highest potential.

-SLK, Daughter of Assisted

Living Resident

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