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The Senior’s Guide to “Aging in Community”

Senior couple at home

For many seniors, figuring out where to retire can be challenging. While some seniors would prefer to simply enjoy retirement in the neighborhoods where they have lived for years, they may need to update their homes with modifications for their safety. Others who struggle with isolation and loneliness might benefit from moving to retirement communities, where they can enjoy fun activities through programs like Senior Sensory. Some may even be interested in arrangements like finding senior roommates or participating in “Village-to-Village” programs. If you have a senior loved one who is trying to decide where to spend their retirement, these tips can help you guide them through the process!

Aging in Place

Perhaps your senior loved one is in relatively good health, and they have no desire to move in retirement. Lots of seniors want to “age in place,” but doing so can take some additional preparation, like moving forward with necessary home modifications. For example, Consumer Affairs recommends that seniors hire contractors to add outdoor ramps, slip-resistant flooring, and bathroom grab bars to their homes. It’s a smart idea to connect with a reliable, local Angi plumber who can tackle common household repairs, like remodeling your loved one’s shower for accessibility.

And even if your senior loved one intends to move to an assisted living community or purchase a smaller home to downsize, you’ll also need to get in touch with contractors like a plumber - you never know what you’ll need to fix up in their home before you put it on the market!

Senior Roommates

College students and young professionals aren’t the only people who live with roommates! Some seniors choose to live with roommates in retirement. This arrangement means that both people get to enjoy companionship during their golden years. To help your senior loved one find the perfect roommate, you should run a background check on any potential candidates and talk to a lawyer about drawing up a fair lease agreement.

If your loved one will be moving in with a roommate, it’s a good time to declutter. Getting rid of items they don’t need anymore will make it easier to keep the house clean.

Affordable Senior Communities

Moving into a senior community is the best option for lots of seniors. Some need the higher level of care provided within an assisted living community, while others like the social aspect of living in an active 55+ community. But finding an affordably priced community can be hard. If your senior loved one falls into a low-income bracket, and you know that they’re a good candidate for assisted living, you may want to look into residential care homes or find out if they qualify for state assistance or a subsidized housing program.

“Village-to-Village” Programs

Your senior loved one might enjoy participating in a Village-to-Village program. Daily Caring states that these programs allow seniors to age in place while providing them with the support they need at home. Seniors can become members of their local networks, and the network will connect them with nearby service providers whenever they need someone for assistance. This is a great program for seniors who need some help around the house, but can handle most of their responsibilities independently.

Choosing the right place to retire is deeply personal, and seniors will have to consider their physical and mental health needs, their finances, and their lifestyle preferences. By researching the many options for housing in retirement, you can support your senior loved ones who are planning for their golden years. With these tips, you’ll be well-informed on a variety of senior housing choices!

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